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A DWI charge can be overwhelming- I'm here to help.

I'm sorry you find yourself even needing information about DWI in Virginia. Whether you're here for yourself or looking to help a friend or family member, you probably feel utterly lost. Don't worry - I have written a book to help you prepare for what is going to happen next.  My book, What Every Virginia Driver Should Know About DWI Offenses, will explain the implications of your DWI charge and lays out what you should expect to occur next and how you should handle everything.

In addition, my book also includes information on:

  • Class I Misdemeanors and their penalties
  • Enhanced penalties for extreme cases
  • Court dates
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of a trial

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My book will also answer these serious questions:

  • I can get a year in jail?!
  • Why do I need a lawyer?
  • To go to trial or not to go to trial?
  • Can I get a jury?
  • Do I even have a chance in a trial?

As you may have already figured out, DWI charges and their repercussions happen very quickly, so you need to familiarize yourself as soon as possible with the process you are about to go through.  Luckily, you can download a PDF copy of What Every Virginia Driver Should Know About DWI Offenses for FREE right now!

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