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Free E-book Reveals: The Truth About Lawyer Advertising

We've all seen them: the ridiculous TV or YellowPage advertisements for the "most aggressive" attorneys.  Or advertisements that all "brag" about the same things: decades of combined experience, promises of results, and quick settlements.  Don't let these lawyer ads trick you.  The Truth About Lawyer Advertising, was written to help you decide which attorney is right for YOUR case.

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In this book, you will discover:

  • What did a former United States Supreme Court justice say about the qualifications to handle legal matters of "serious consequence?" (page 10)
  • What is takes to get listed as a "recommended attorney" on many Internet lawyer directories (page 11)
  • A system used by smart consumers to find the right lawyers for their case, every time (page 19)
  • Where to start if you don't know any lawyers in your area (page 21)
  • Why some lawyers got disciplined by using a misleading ad that is still run across the United States (page 23)
  • How you can best use a lawyer's free information package to help make your decision (page 24)
  • 17 very specific questions you should ask any lawyer you are thinking about hiring (page 25)
  • The ONE "silver bullet" question you should ALWAYS ask before signing a fee agreement (page 26)
  • What it means when a lawyer has achieved national board certification (page 30)
  • Which lawyer rating sites are legitimate assessment of a lawyer's ability and reputation (page 34)
  • "Largest Verdict in the City" - what those "taglines" are really saying (Page 36)
  • A list of "qualified lawyer" websites that probably should be avoided altogether (page 38)
  • And much more! This book is designed to empower consumers to find the right lawyer for their case.

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