When BenGlassLaw built our new office, we included a 1,100 square foot training center where we could host live events and offer the space to the local community. Since 2018, The Ben Glass Center for Growth and Innovation has hosted numerous groups, from referees to paralegals to Justice Forward, a group of young Virginians pushing for criminal justice reform.

The Ben Glass Center for Growth and Innovation is open to community use, just use the form at the bottom of the page to register!

If you know of a local group that needs space to hold an event (up to 40 people), complete the form below.

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Small Biz Mastermind Meeting

Date: TBD

Visit LiveLifeBigBusiness.com to signup

GetItSettled University - Find Out What Everyone Should Know Before Talking to the Adjuster, Hiring an Attorney, or Signing any Forms? - FREE Webinar

Dates: Airs Daily

Details: Attorney Brian Glass and ex-insurance adjuster Joe Mann are putting on a resource-packed one-hour EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR on how to settle a claim without getting an attorney involved.

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How Much is Your Personal Injury Claim Worth? - FREE Webinar

Dates: Airs Daily

Details: Personal Injury Attorney Brian Glass discusses how you can evaluate your personal injury claim and calculate a fair settlement. Join us for this FREE Webinar from the Ben Glass Training Center for Growth and Innovation.

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What Every Out of State Driver Should Know About Virginia Accident Claims

Dates: Airs Daily

Details: To answer the most common questions from out of state drivers who were in a car accident in Virginia, attorney Brian Glass and ex-insurance adjuster Joe Mann recorded a resource-packed EXCLUSIVE FREE INFORMATIONAL VIDEO on handling Virginia personal injury claims.

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Are You Ready to File for Short-Term or Long-Term Disability? Register for Our FREE Exclusive Webinar to Discover what You Need to Know Before You Contact Your Insurance Company 

Dates: Airs Daily

Details: Our Disability Appeals Team at BenGlassLaw will guide you through the process of filing a disability claim, including information that you need to know before you contact your insurance company.

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