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Workers compensation is a no-fault system in Virginia. It helps relieve the hardship for an injured worker but it does not provide "full compensation." Injured workers have questions and often make mistakes in dealing with their claims.

At BenGlassLaw, we have teamed up with Virginia workers' compensation attorney Michele Lewane to make sure that injured workers receive representation from a lawyer we trust. Michele's firm is based in Richmond, but she can help victims across the state with their claim. We highly recommend contacting her firm using the contact information on this page to talk about your claim with her team.

Additionally, Michele wrote a book titled The Ultimate Guide to Workers' Compensation in Virginia to help injured workers learn more about their rights and what goes in a worker's compensation claim.

If you are located in the Northern Virginia area and need help with a workers compensation claim, you can meet with an attorney at the primary Fairfax location of BenGlassLaw. You will sit down with one of Michele's highly qualified attorneys to discuss your case and receive recommendations on your next steps. This gives you the convenience of a local office to meet and the well-respected experience of the Injured Workers Law Firm to help you with this important legal matter.

Call 703-584-7277 if you would like to work with BenGlassLaw and the Injured Workers Law Firm to handle your workers compensation claim.

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