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At BenGlassLaw, our team of personal injury lawyers and specialists are passionate about fighting for you so that you can get back to living your life. We have the experience to understand your journey, along with a best-in-class team to support you throughout the entire settlement process.

Why Work With Our Team of Personal Injury Attorneys?

We have three goals for every auto accident and injury case.

  1. Locate all available pots of money and extract as much money out of those pots for you.
  2. Help you hold onto as much money as possible by negotiating unpaid medical costs and liens.
  3. Remove the aggravation of dealing with the insurance company so you can focus on your recovery.

We believe in adding value to people's lives. If we see that hiring us will not add value to your case, we will make a recommendation for an attorney who can help or, give you information on settling your case yourself. We will NEVER pressure you into hiring us for your case if that does not benefit you.

Free Auto Accident & Personal Injury Resources

We offer free resources and answer FAQs where you can better understand the process of car accident and personal injury claims.

Interested in finding out how much your car accident/personal injury claim is worth? Watch our free webinar that will help you answer just that. You'll take away valuable information like how insurance companies view car accident claims and what you should do before you negotiate with the adjuster.

How Does BenGlassLaw Evaluate Personal Injury Cases?

Our personal injury lawyers perform a Six-Point Assessment of your case to determine whether hiring an attorney makes sense for you. This Personal Injury Six-Point Assessment is free - you don't pay us anything unless we win your case.

  1. Determine Fault – Virginia is a contributory negligence state. If you are at fault for your accident, even 1% at fault, you cannot recover damages for your Virginia car accident. Often, insurance companies use this to reject personal injury claims, even when the victim didn’t contribute to the accident.
  2. Current Injury – The worse your injury, the more it makes sense to hire a car accident lawyer for your personal injury claims. Accident victims with serious injuries, like broken bones or torn ligaments, should consult with an attorney BEFORE making any recorded statements with the insurance company.
  3. Previous Injuries – Insurance companies love to use previous injuries as a reason to fight car accident claims. They will point to your previous injuries and claim your car accident injuries are “preexisting.” We will review with you your past medical history to see what impact your health history will have on your settlement.
  4. Treatment – Insurance companies have a ”length of treatment algorithm” that they use to determine how long you should be treating. If your medical treatment takes longer than the insurance company deems is normal, they will not give you a fair offer for your medical bills.
  5. Car Insurance – We have seen more good cases torpedoed by poor insurance than we can count. Most people are unaware that it is perfectly legal to drive in Virginia without car insurance. If the person who caused your accident is uninsured or underinsured, we will need to look at your policy to see if we can find coverage to pay for your damages.
  6. Your Health Insurance – Many health insurance companies will seek repayment of bills they paid on your behalf. We ensure they don’t get more than they deserve (which is sometimes zero).

Do You Need A Lawyer Or Can You Settle A Case On Your Own?

How’d you like to receive an accident case settlement check and keep all of that money to yourself? 

There are a few basic guidelines to tell if you can settle your case on your own

  • Was there only minor property damage and no injury?
  • Are your injuries no more than minor bruises, sprains, and strains?
  • Did you only have one or two visits to a doctor or the E.R.?
  • If you need physical therapy or treatment, is it for less than four months?
  • Have you been given the “all clear” from a doctor and expect no further need for treatment?
  • Did you miss less than five days of work? 

If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, your accident case probably won’t settle for more than a few thousand dollars, because your expenses just won’t be that high. 

Don’t be afraid that you won’t get enough money in your accident case settlement to pay all your bills. As long as you have the proof of your expenses and you follow through with what the insurance company requests for evidence, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue getting reimbursed for those bills. 

The bottom line for settling your accident case without the need for a lawyer is money. If your insurance coverage is enough to provide for your bills and you’re not looking at long-term health issues or disability, your settlement will most likely just cover your basic bills. 

Four Facts About Auto Accident & Personal Injury Claims:

  1. The insurance company will work hard to diminish your claim in order to win.
  2. The insurance company will make you and your doctors feel like you are wrong for thinking your personal injury could have caused as much damage as it did.
  3. The insurance company will explain their decision to you, but their decision will not make sense to anyone you tell your story to.
  4. The insurance company will keep your money in their pocket for as long as you let them.

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What To Expect When You Call Us Today:

First, you'll speak to a Personal Injury specialist from our team. They will ask you:

  • Where the accident happened
  • What were your injuries
  • If there was a police report
  • What happened just before the accident
  • What happened just after the accident
  • Who was in the vehicle with you
  • What your medical treatment has been since the accident
  • If you missed work or other appointments
  • What the insurance company has communicated with you

From there, our team member will make you an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys, or if we do not take your specific type of case, we will refer you to one of our attorney partners who can best assist you.

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