There is no question that a Domestic Assault (Domestic Violence) charge carries with it very serious consequences. Such allegations can have long-lasting, devastating effects on one's life, career, and reputation. Given that, it's imperative that you talk to a skilled Criminal Defense attorney immediately to preserve your rights.  

Partner James Abrenio has been defending criminal allegations for over a decade, and a large proportion of his work has involved Domestic Assault cases.  Indeed, as a Public Defender, he handled the Domestic Assault Docket , during which he represented many charged that went to trial both in the District and Circuit Courts.  He has authored a highly reviewed, detailed article regarding Domestic Assault charges in Northern Virginia, which you can review here

Once you've had a chance to review it, give James a call to schedule a Consultation to review how to handle your case. 

Is it true that James charges a Consultation Fee? 

Yes. James charges an upfront $500 Consultation Fee to discuss your case.  He charges this given the high volume of calls BenGlassLaw receives for his service. By requiring the fee, James can focus on his active clients and those sincerely interested in retaining his services.  If you ultimately retain him, that Consultation Fee will be credited to the retain he ultimately charges you.  

To schedule your Consultation with James, call us at (703) 584-7277.   

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