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You likely found this website after a doctor or lawyer who recognizes our leadership in disability claims told you to "call BenGlassLaw." Our Virginia-based attorneys can be your guide you no matter where you live. In 2021 we recovered over $3,000,000 in wrongfully denied disability insurance benefits for our clients through insurance appeals and lawsuits. We currently manage over $33 million in future benefits for our clients. As of May 20, 2022, we have filed 14 new (2022) lawsuits for disability benefits. No one else in the Mid-Atlantic matches this pace.

You are facing a challenge. An injury or sickness has disrupted your life and you are no longer able to work.

Now, you are dealing with a disability insurance company.  All you are asking for are the benefits they promised, so you can focus your energy on managing your disability and possibly returning to work, but the insurance company is skeptical and suspicious of your claim.

Then the long-term disability insurance company began to minimize your limitations and even went so far as to say that your doctors don’t know what they are doing. This is making your life more stressful and the energy that should be devoted to healing is instead siphoned off to fight the disability insurance company’s mistreatment.

Big insurance companies should not be allowed to do this to anyone, let alone someone who can't work. But you are in the right place. Our ERISA long-term disability team is here to guide you through the process.

Here's How BenGlassLaw Can Help You Right Now

If you are thinking about going out on disability, we should talk about that before you stop working. During our paid consultation we will review your disability policy, talk about your medical issues and chat about your job. You will walk away from that call or meeting with a definite plan of action. You can call us during regular working hours or use the schedule a call button at the top right to set your own time.

If you are on claim and have questions, but we don't currently represent you, you have three choices:

Go to - it's free and we've answered just about every question imaginable. You just may find everything you need there.

Have a short, free call, with one of our non-attorney disability specialists. They are often able to get your questions answered about processes and procedures. They do not give legal advice.

Schedule a paid consult meeting, call, or video meeting with Ben Glass (We are located in Fairfax, Virginia, and do almost all of our client work by Zoom and phone). 

If your claim has been denied, just fax/email/mail us the denial letter as soon as you get it. We will review it and give you a detailed strategy for moving forward. This service is free, but you must act promptly. The insurance company only gives you a limited time to appeal or their decision is permanent.

Your employer's group long-term disability policy may be the greatest rip-off in the history of the American employee! Unsuspecting employers have been conned into buying policies that some courts have said will only pay benefits if you are in a coma.

Warning: There are law firms soliciting long-term disability insurance cases who will refuse to file a lawsuit for you if they are not successful on the internal appeal to the insurance company. These firms then DUMP clients, telling them "sorry, written appeals are all we do." Do not hire a firm to do your disability appeal that will not file a lawsuit if needed. 

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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized car accident and ERISA disability attorney in Fairfax, VA.