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If you are a health care provider (physician, surgeon, dentist, chiropractor, plastic surgeon, orthodontist) you are likely here because you were referred by a lawyer or doctor who knows of our reputation in fighting for those whose long-term disability claims have been denied.

We are a leader of long-term disability lawyers and experienced team members that empower and equip the sick and injured to make great decisions about their insurance claims. In 2021 & 2022, we recovered over $3 million in wrongfully denied disability benefits for our clients each year.

Something has happened to you that affects either your cognitive ability, your energy level, your vision, or your manual dexterity. Perhaps you can't stand as long as you once could in order to do your procedures. In some cases, not only is your enjoyment of your chosen profession going down, but you are worried that the safety of your patients may be at risk.  

As a medical professional, we understand that your claim is different because your job is different. You have spent a lifetime on your education and training to get to where you are. If an injury or illness prevents you from working, we believe that your disability insurance should be part of the solution, not a cause of additional stress. That is where BenGlassLaw can help.

Are you a physician who is applying for Long-Term Disability benefits and need guidance?

We always urge those who are filing a long-term disability claim to consult with us first. The insurance company hopes that you do not understand their process.

We offer paid consultations where we will review your disability policy, talk about your medical issues and learn about your occupation. You will walk away from that call or meeting with a definite plan of action. If you pay us a consulting fee and later hire us to handle an appeal, your consulting fee is credited against any future fees that we earn. Call now to schedule your consult.

If you have a physician (or a team of doctors) who will support your claim, we can guide you through the claim and, if necessary, appeals process. If you don't yet have medical support, we can discuss a strategy for clarifying why you cannot work and providing the necessary objective medical evidence for your claim. Either way, we will walk with you through this part of your life's journey. It is not you vs. the insurance company. We've got you.

Are you a physician whose Long-Term Disability claim has already been denied?

You filed your long-term disability claim and you began to hear this from the long-term disability insurance company:

Your job is sedentary, you don't have to lift anything heavy very often, your cognition is testing in the "average" range; therefore you must be able to do your job. Or, you were diagnosed a long time ago and have worked for a long time with this condition, nothing has changed. You can keep on working, then.
Then, they threaten you:
You haven't said anything to the Board of Medicine, have you?


If your claim has been denied, you need the help of a long-term disability lawyer that specializes in helping high earners receive the benefits they deserve.

The first step we suggest is our free denial letter review process. We offer a zero obligation review of your denial letter and give you a detailed strategy for moving forward. You must act promptly - the insurance company only gives you a limited time to appeal, or their decision is permanent. Email, fax, or mail a copy of your denial letter to our team now.

After your free denial letter review, if more information is needed, our paid consultation is also a resourceful next step. We'll answer any additional questions you may have and take a detailed look into your insurance policy. If you hire us at any point to do additional work on your claim, we will credit the appeal fee to the fee for future work. Often, this strategy call is all our clients need to resolve their cases.

Consultation Success Story: The Best $1900 Ever Spent by a Doctor

Our best consultation outcome to date was for a physician who drove over a hundred miles from a major medical center in Virginia to talk with us. He was on claim but had a routine question about his disability policy.

When reviewing his folder of documents, we noticed he was not being paid under a policy provision we thought was designed for a physician in his situation. As part of his $1900 consultation fee with Ben Glass, we wrote a letter to his insurance company raising a question about it.

A few weeks later, the insurance company agreed that he had been underpaid and sent him a check for nearly $500,000 for past-due benefits. Best $1900 he ever spent (and best “thank you” lunch our team was ever treated to)! Each case is different, of course, but this is why we like to talk to physicians before they file their claims.

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