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What You Need To Know If Lincoln Financial Group Has Denied Your Disability Claim.

Insurance companies can “write their own rules,” and claimants who’ve been denied benefits will get stuck in a legal routine that even court judges find confusing. BenGlassLaw assists claimants who’ve been denied by Lincoln Financial Group, and our office has a specific strategy for claims denied by this insurance company.

If an employer provides your policy, your disability benefits will likely fall under “ERISA” law. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is the rule book for private insurances and pensions administered by employers. ERISA disability insurance policies follow different guidelines from SSDI claims, which gives the insurance company greater discretion to deny claims.

Most attorneys do not work with ERISA disability claims. If your disability insurance falls under ERISA, you should consult with an attorney with ERISA experience.

Our Process for Lincoln Financial Group Disability Claims

BenGlassLaw has a specific process for handling claims from major disability insurance companies, including Lincoln Financial Group. Everyone who calls our office with a disability insurance claim goes through this “standard review.”

  • Free Denial Letter Review:
    You will receive a “denial letter” when Lincoln financial Group terminates your benefits. The disability appeals team at BenGlassLaw will review your denial letter for free and determine if we can help your claim.
  • One-on-One Consultation with Ben Glass:
    Before you file a claim (or appeal a denial yourself), you can request a one-on-one consultation with Ben Glass to ask questions about your Lincoln Financial Group insurance policy.
  • Detailed Claim File Review:
    Our disability appeals team digs into every page of your claim file to understand why Lincoln Financial Group denied your claim and how we can work with you on a successful appeal.
  • Personal Statement Interview:
    Lincoln Financial Group is like many other insurance companies; they see their policyholders as numbers in a spreadsheet. Part of our strategy in appealing claims denied by Lincoln Financial Group is to sit down with our clients to record personal statements to the insurance company.
  • Independent Vocational Analysis:
    Many Lincoln Financial Group claims are denied because the insurance company has “oversimplified” your job duties. BenGlassLaw works with experts who will review your job duties and help us explain the realities of your job to the insurance company.
  • Guidance for your Doctors:
    Insurance companies frequently hire doctors to refute the medical information in your claim file. Often, the insurance company overturns claims because their doctor, who has never spoken to your primary physician, does not agree that you are disabled. BenGlassLaw offers guidance to your doctors on how to reply to these independent examinations.
  • A Detailed Appeal Letter:
    The Appeal Letter is the first step to regaining your benefits. This is not an ordinary letter. Your appeal letter should contain all the information necessary to refute your denial.

Are You Ready to File A Disability Claim? – Free Webinar from BenGlassLaw

In this webinar, you will find the answers to your biggest questions, including:

  • When should you stop working?
  • Will your job description can help (or hurt) your disability claim?
  • What is the insurance company’s perspective is on your disability claim?
  • What are the illnesses that the insurance company routinely reject?
  • … and much more!

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We are a National ERISA Disability Law Firm. Call Our Main Office at (703) 584-7277 to Discuss Your Case

Here's how we can help right now:

  • If Lincoln Financial Group denied your benefits and you are entitled to an appeal, fax/email/mail us the denial letter. We will review your denial letter and give you a detailed strategy for moving forward. This service is free, but you must act promptly before your appeal window closes.
  • You can speak with BenGlassLaw before stopping work and applying for benefits. We can point you in the right direction, give you advice, and offer some guidance to your doctors. There is a fee for a one-on-one consult, but we recommend that you watch our free webinar first.
  • If you tried to appeal your benefits with Lincoln Financial Group, we could only help you if you have a second appeal available to you. Ideally, you will contact an attorney before you file your first appeal. (Second appeals are tough, and there is often extra work to be done by untangling errors made in the first appeal if an ERISA experienced attorney did not prepare the appeal.)

You Can Speak with Our Team of Experts About Your Lincoln Financial Group Disability Claim by Calling Our Office at (703) 584-7277.

Why Most ERISA Long-Term Disability Claims are Denied and How Victims Lose Out on a Fair Recovery - Find Out More in Our Disability Claim Guide, Don't Try This At Home

If Lincoln Financial Group denied your long-term disability benefits, you need to download this free guide right now! In most cases, you have only 180 days within which to file a properly framed appeal. A respected federal judge has said that when you have one of these policies you are purchasing an invitation to a "legal ritual" that you will lose.

Ben Glass's Long-term Disability Book Will Show You:

  • How the way you fill out your claim form can wreck your case;
  • How doing the appeal yourself can give the insurance company an excuse to deny your claim;
  • Why a Federal Judge said that claimants without an experienced ERISA disability attorney are at a 'distinct disadvantage' when appealing their claim denial;
  • What you must have in your hand before you file your claim if you want to have any hope of getting paid;
  • How to find a board-certified lawyer;
  • How one former insurance company employee describes the claim denial process inside one of the world's largest disability insurance companies (you will be shocked);
  • How the insurance companies use video and other secret surveillance to try to deny you benefits;
  • How one company used an errant checkmark on a physician's form to deny benefits and what we did about it to get benefits restored.

We want to get our guide in your hands right now. You will also have an opportunity to request our disability claim information package after you request this guide.

Ben Glass walks you through the process in his free book, Don't Try This at Home - Your Disability Claim Guide. It's free for Virginia residents!

This free book should be read by:

  • Anyone who is filing a disability claim or has already been denied.
  • Any doctor who treats patients who are making long-term disability claims.
  • Anyone who is going through the disability appeals processes and wants to know more.

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When Should You Get Legal Advice Regarding Your Disability Claim?

You should consult with an attorney experienced in Lincoln Financial Group disability claims before you file a claim. Too often we are contacted by people who have filed claims and exhausted their administrative appeal rights. If you must later file suit, a court is only going to review what is in the insurance company's file.  

EVERY case we have in which the client has applied for benefits and done the appeal himself/herself, the record that the court reviews lack important information and documents that should have been in the original claim. Remember, the insurance company KNOWS that your review in court is limited.

Do you think that the insurance company is going to fill the record with information favorable to you? We have never seen that happen!

Your attorney should be experienced in litigating disability income insurance claims and, if your insurance is through your employer, that attorney should understand how ERISA impacts the case. Ask the right questions. Attorneys cannot simply “dabble” in ERISA!

If you have been denied disability benefits, we will review that denial letter at no charge and suggest an appropriate course of action. After that first step, you may want to hire us to create your appeal for you, depending on your particular circumstances.

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