At BenGlassLaw, we represent individuals facing all types of charges. Click here for more information about your particular charge. We firmly believe in every individual’s right to a criminal defense attorney when being prosecuted by the government. It’s the American way. 

However, over our years of practice, we’ve developed a passion for specific types of cases in which we feel BenGlassLaw’s purpose is truly served. Our interest is rooted in what we see as systemic problems with our criminal justice system that need particular attention. If you, your family member or friend’s case falls into the following categories, reach out to us for more information. 

Falsely Accused

If you’ve been charged with a crime that you didn’t commit, we want to talk to you. We got into this business because we like trying cases, and will be prepared to take your case as far as it needs to for you to get your day in court. While, of course, we will help you analyze the risk and benefit of any case, we will never tell you that we are not ready and willing to put your case to trial.

The Government is Overreaching

We believe that, though an individual may have made a mistake, it’s too often that the Government over prosecutes. Just because you may have made an error does not mean that you should submit to the full force of the Government and just take what they feel is appropriate. Before you make any decision, make sure that you reach out to us. We will analyze your case to determine the best route for you, whether it’s by way of a plea agreement or trial. 

Mental Health Issues

Unfortunately, because of a general misunderstanding of mental health issues, our jails have become de facto hospitals for the mentally ill. For that reason, those with mental illnesses often find themselves in need of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. We believe people that suffer from mental health issues need additional attention and so their backgrounds are properly presented as part of their defense. 

Juvenile Cases

It’s our belief that juvenile defense is often overlooked because it’s just a “juvenile record.” The problem is that those juvenile records often start a child down the wrong path towards the adult criminal justice system. What’s more, in certain instances, juvenile offenses can affect how an adult is treated in the criminal justice system. These cases need the due attention they deserve, and we will put the needed work in. 

If I don't fall into these categories, does that mean you won't take my case? 

Look, if you've been charged with a crime, we will certainly talk to you. However, we get a lot of calls and our goal is to truly add value to the clients we represent. Because of that, we've chosen to narrow our focus so that we can have the greatest impact. If it turns out that yours is not the type of case we will be able to help out with, we have a great network of attorneys and will get you pointed in the right direction.

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