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Car accidents happen frequently in Northern Virginia, and accidents can be devastating if you are hit at high speeds on the highways in Fauquier County. Surpisingly, the highways in the many rural areas of Fauquier County can be just as dangerous for driving. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration collected data to show that twice as many highway deaths and severe accidents occur in rural areas due to the driver's sense of security from less traffic and distractions than what occurs in city areas. Severe accidents can lead to expensive medical bills and long court battles.

Fortunately, many car accidents are small enough and allow the accident victims to settle themselves. Regardless of the severity of the accident, it is always a good idea to contact a personal injury attorney for a free consultation. If your accident resulted in minor injuries that resolved quickly, you can watch our free webinars on settling a car accident without an attorney and negotiating with your insurance company.

When Should You Contact an Attorney About Your Fauquier County Car Accident?

To clarify, there is a two year statute of limitations for filing a car accident lawsuit. This means that your first priority should be to recover from all injuries before you decide to contact an attorney.

If any of the following is true for your car accident, contact an attorney for a free consultation:

  • Your sustained severe injuries (broken bones, torn ligaments, or lacerations)
  • The driver’s insurance company is offering a quick settlement before you finished treating.
  • The other driver is underinsured, and you need to claim against your Med Pay policy.

Generally, car accidents that are property-damage only or there is little dispute over the medical bills can be settled without an attorney.

What Should You Look for in a Fauquier County Personal Injury Attorney?

Most personal injury attorneys follow the “traditional” rules of personal injury cases, but not all car accident attorneys operate the same way.  Your choice in attorneys should be based on:

  • Their experience with car accidents similar to yours (truck accident, DUI accident, or pedestrian-car accident.)
  • The reviews and testimonials from their current or former clients (Can usually be found on their website).
  • Their ranking on sites like or Martindale Hubbell.
  • Phone interviews with the attorney where you discuss your case.

We encourage you to research many attorneys while you look for someone to help with your case. BenGlassLaw also offers articles, webinars, and books that will teach you the basics of car accident cases.

Searching for a Fauquier County Car Accident Attorney and
Not Sure What to Look For?

A good attorney will let their actions do the talking. There are so many attorneys out there talking about how "aggressive" they are or how they "care." We've found that if you need to say it that much, you should probably spend more time doing it instead. 

We want to actually provide you with real, useful information about car accidents and other personal injury claims for you.

If you have suffered from a car accident, then we sincerely hope you make a full recovery. At BenGlassLaw, we try to provide you with as much helpful information as possible to help your case move smoothly as you focus on treating your injuries.

If you have questions, the best way to start your conversation with our professional team at BenGlassLaw is to pick up the phone and dial us - the conversation is 100% confidential and without any obligation: (703)584-7277.

BenGlassLaw’s Six-Point Assessment of Personal Injury Cases – Do You Really Need an Attorney?

Some attorneys are all too happy to take your personal injury case, and they never tell you that most small car accidents can be settled without an attorney. How can you know that your case requires an attorney? What should you do if you don’t need an attorney?

BenGlassLaw will never try to convince you to hire us if we don’t believe we will add value to your claim. BenGlassLaw believes in empowering through education, and for the car accidents that we know the victim doesn’t need an attorney, we will direct you to our resources to handle the case yourself.

How Does BenGlassLaw Evaluate Personal Injury Cases?

Our lawyers perform a Six-Point Assessment of your case to determine whether hiring an attorney makes sense for you.

  1. Determine Fault – Virginia is a contributory negligence state. If you are at-fault for your accident, even 1% at-fault, you cannot recover damages for your accident. Often, insurance companies use this to reject personal injury claims, even when the victim didn’t contribute to the accident.
  2. Current Injury – The worse your injury, the more it makes sense to hire a lawyer for your personal injury claims. Accident victims with serious injuries, like broken bones or torn ligaments, should consult with an attorney BEFORE making any recorded statements with the insurance company.
  3. Previous Injuries – Insurance companies love to use previous injuries as a reason to fight car accident claims. They will point to your previous injuries and claim your car accident injuries are “preexisting.” We will review with you your past medical history to see what impact your health history will have on your settlement.
  4. Treatment – Insurance companies have a ”length of treatment algorithm” that they use to determine how long you should be treating. If your medical treatment takes longer than the insurance company deems is normal, they will not give you a fair offer for your medical bills.
  5. Car Insurance – “You can’t get blood from a stone.” We have seen more good cases torpedoed by poor insurance then we can count. As most people don’t know, it is perfectly legal to drive in Virginia without car insurance. If the person who caused your accident is uninsured or underinsured, we will need to look at your policy to see if we can find coverage to pay for your damages.
  6. Your Health Insurance – Many health insurance companies will seek repayment of bills they paid on your behalf. Will make sure they don’t get more than they deserve (which is sometimes zero).

Your Personal Injury Six-Point Assessment is Free - You Don't Pay us Anything Until the Settlement!

Before You Talk to the Adjuster, Sign Any Forms, or Hire an Attorney Discover Everything You Need to Settle Your Car Accident Claim WITHOUT an attorney! FREE EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR

Believe it or not, most car accident claims can be successfully settled without an attorney.

However, many attorneys are all-to-happy to take your case and take a third of your settlement when the case in through. Hiring an attorney may save you time, but simply having an attorney won’t always add value to your settlement.

That’s why BenGlassLaw created GetItSettled University. We want to equip everyone who has been in a car accident with the tools to help them successfully negotiate their settlement with the insurance company.

GetItSettled University is available to watch 24/7. Register TODAY to learn how you can settle your car accident claims without an attorney!

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Here's how we can help you with your car accident case today:

The team at BenGlassLaw wants to help you get a fair result for your case so you can get back to living your life. Our main office is in Fairfax, VA, but we can  meet with clients in Fauquier County.

Our Proven Process for Personal Injury Cases

  • One-on-One Consultation and Strategy Session with personal injury attorney 
  • Firm notifies all insurance companies that we represent the client and the insurance company never calls the client again
  • Firm requests all medical bills and records
  • Client receives follow-up calls every 30-60 days while in medical care so that we can ensure we know every provider they treat with.
  • When finished with medical care, client receives a written case evaluation before any demand goes to the insurance company and before any offer is made.
  • If insurance company makes an offer which meets our case evaluation and the client's settlement authority, the case is settled.
  • If the insurance company does not make a satisfactory offer, we file suit and move the case towards trial, if necessary.
  • At the close of the case, the firm satisfies all outstanding medical bills and liens so that the fund received by the client are free and clear of any debt.


If you would like to speak with an attorney about your case,
pick up the phone and call BenGlassLaw today at (703)584-7277

What You Can Expect When You Call Us Today:Free Info About Your Virginia Car Accident Cases

  • You will speak to our Client Care Specialist about your case. They will ask you:
    • Where the accident happened
    • What were your injuries
    • If there was a police report
    • What happened just before the accident
    • What happened just after the accident
    • Who was in the vehicle with you
    • What your medical treatment has been since the accident
    • If you missed work or other appointments
    • What the insurance company has communicated with you
  • Client Care Specialist will make you an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys. If we do not take your specific type of case, we will refer you to one of our attorney partners who can best assist you.
  • After your call, you will receive an introductory toolkit with information about your case and resources you can use.

We believe in adding value to people's lives. If we see that hiring us will not add value to your claim, we will make a recommendation for an attorney who can help or, give you information on settling your case yourself. We will NEVER pressure you into hiring us for your case if that does not benefit you.

Brian Glass
Virginia personal injury lawyer selected to SuperLawyers Rising Stars List and the NTLA's Top 40 Under 40.