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Accidents and Injuries

We represent people who have been injured in accidents throughout Virginia. Sometimes you can settle a case on your own and save the attorney fee. We can help with that, too.

If you have been recently injured call us or click on the link below and ask for one (or both) of our books:

Insurance Appeals

No one files an insurance claim because they are having a great day. You filed (or are planning to file) because something has gone wrong, and having your claim denied just kicks you while you’re down. We can help.

Benefit claims are denied all the time, most often for one of these two reasons:

  • You do not meet the conditions defined in the policy. Insurance companies will argue that this is the ONLY reason claims are denied, but our vast experience tells us that’s not true. Very often…
  • Your claim has been denied for a false or made-up reason, which is explained in official-sounding insurance language designed to make you give up and go away. This is a frivolous claim denial.

While there’s not much we can do in the first instance (except explain your policy in terms you can understand), in the second instance we can fight to overturn a frivolous, unprincipled, erroneous denial. Insurance companies don’t make it easy, though.

Social Security Benefits

Whether you just starting the application process or dealing with a denial, we can help. The key is to make contact with us as soon as possible, especially if you have already been denied. Appeals periods are usually 60 days and we want to keep your case moving through the appeals process. Don’t let past rejections from Social Security or the VA discourage you. Let’s take a fresh look, map out a plan and win your benefits.

Veteran's Disability Benefits

Do you still remember your first day of boot camp? How about when you were assigned to your first unit? Other memories are there, too, like rifle qualification, awards, learning life skills. And then there are other memories. The day you realized even a minor injury might be more serious than you thought. That's the thing about military service. It's a hard job and it's very common for veterans to carry a lifetime of medical problems as a result of serving our country.

Our team of veterans and experts know the VA and we know the law. The Department of Veterans Affairs is comprised of hard-working fellow Americans. However, they're people and people make mistakes. If you applied for an initial rating or an increase in your VA rating and were denied, let us review the VA's decision. We know the VA's playbook for every medical condition and we know how to help them understand the severity of your condition.

Criminal Defense

BenGlassLaw's goal is to push for a true systemic change in our criminal justice system one case at a time.  

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Attorney Insider Information

Hiring a lawyer can be tricky, and your attorney may be somone you have to "live with" for the next few years. Make sure you are making a smart, informed decision by first ordering our free, no-obligation information on hiring a Virginia attorney for your case. We're confident that you will benefit from the expertise of Fairfax, VA, attorney Ben Glass, the author of The Truth About Lawyer Advertising and countless other consumer legal guides.