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Our Superpowers: Personal Injury, Long-Term Disability, and Life Insurance Claims 

You likely found this website because you were referred by a lawyer, doctor or former client due to our leadership in injury, disability and life insurance law. You may have seen an article in a newspaper or magazine or heard one of our lawyers on a podcast discussing legal issues

Hopefully, you have already seen our reviews.

We don't do wills, divorces, bankruptcies or anything else. We are not generalists. If you need an attorney outside of injury, disability, or life insurance law, call us for a referral and we will connect you to some of the best lawyers in Virginia (or, wherever you live). Because we have been in business since 1983, our Rolodex is big. We are excellent at what we do because we don't try to do a little bit of everything.

In addition to free initial consultations with one of our injury, disability, or life insurance specialists, we offer a TON of free legal resources.


Personal Injury Cases

At BenGlassLaw, our team of personal injury lawyers and specialists are passionate about fighting for you so that you can get back to living your life. We have the experience to understand your journey, along with a best-in-class team to support you throughout the entire settlement process.

Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims

No one files an insurance claim because they are having a great day. You filed (or are planning to file) because something has gone wrong. Not being believed and having your claim denied by the insurance company just kicks you while you’re down. That's why we are here.

Our long-term disability attorneys are located in Virginia and help claimants nationwide (using a broad network of local counsel as required.)


Life Insurance Claims

Our goal is to ensure you get the benefits you are entitled to without unnecessary delay. Though some life insurance appeals can take months (or even years), we have experience in this unique area of law and have designed a system to develop the strongest possible appeal and streamline the appeal process as much as possible. Our life insurance attorneys are located in Virginia and help people nationwide using a broad network of local counsel.