Here Are The Types of Cases We Can Help You With in Virginia

The first thing you will notice at this site is that we aren't for everyone!

You won't see 30 different "specialties" listed here.

We are a small, busy law firm that accepts good, meritorious cases only.

This website is designed for smart consumers. What you will find here is information, a ton of it. What you won't find is a lot of bragging that "we are aggressive" or "we care for you." We think Mr. Glass's over 30 years of experience speaks for itself.

We've got a ton of consumer information videos here.

We have free consumer information packages for all of our practice areas that you can get by calling 703-584-7277. Each package in includes:

  • A book on the practice area: car accidents, malpractice, disability,· etc
  • A Consumer Guide to Lawyer Advertising (takes you behind the curtains!)
  • Informational CD and DVD
  • Some other cool goodies!

Call us or fill out one of our contact forms you see on the site.

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Accidents and Injuries

We represent people who have been injured in accidents throughout Virginia. Sometimes you can settle a case on your own and save the attorney fee. We can help with that, too.

If you have been recently injured call us or click on the link below and ask for one (or both) of our books:

Medical Malpractice

We represent patients throughout Virginia in medical malpractice cases. If you have been injured (or a loved one has died) because of a doctor, hospital, nursing other other health care error, contact us. Unlike a car accident case, you should NEVER try to handle this situation on your own. The rules, laws and procedures are too complicated.

Medical malpractice cases are tough in Virginia. There are strict rules on:

  • Time limits
  • Expert witnesses
  • Pre-suit investigation before being allowed to file and serve a case and
  • Limits for damages ("tort reform")

Obviously, you should look for experience. 

Long-term Disability (ERISA and Individual)

As the economy tanks, and interest rates remain at historic lows, the denial of long-term disability benefits are exploding. It only makes sense. Long-term disability companies are struggling like everyone else. When this happens, you shouldn't take no for an answer - after all, it is YOUR financial future on the line. There there are three things you need to know:

  • You have a very short time-limit for filing your appeal
  • Your appeal should follow a certain format and not be a repeat of information the insurance company already has!
  • We will review you denial letter and give you a strategy for winning your appeal, for free.

Call our main office in Fairfax, Virginia, at (703) 584-7277 to discuss your case.

Criminal Defense

BenGlassLaw's goal is to push for a true systemic change in our criminal justice system one case at a time.  

Traffic/DWI Defense

Through his years of experience, James Abrenio has defended hundreds of clients charged with Reckless Driving, DUI, and other serious traffic offenses throughout Northern Virginia.  Take some time to review the information James has provided on this interactive website.  Then give him a call.

Attorney Insider Information

Hiring a lawyer can be tricky, and your attorney may be somone you have to "live with" for the next few years. Make sure you are making a smart, informed decision by first ordering our free, no-obligation information on hiring a Virginia attorney for your case. We're confident that you will benefit from the expertise of Fairfax, VA, attorney Ben Glass, the author of The Truth About Lawyer Advertising and countless other consumer legal guides.