Posted on May 19, 2013

Several news outlets are reporting on a terrible car crash into parade watchers in Damascus, Virginia.

You might think that if you are watching a parade and a car comes racing into the spectators that you would have an injury claim against an insurance company that would help pay the medical bills.

Maybe not.

Most of the news reports say that there was some sort of a "medical condition" that may have been a cause of the accident.

If there was a medical condition and the driver who caused the accident wasn't aware of the condition (i.e. it took the driver by surprise) then there may not be a claim to be made.

Car accident law in Virginia is that a driver (and their car insurance company) is only responsible if they were careless. That is, if they acted negligently.

If you are driving and you have a heart attack or stroke and you didn't know that it might be unsafe to drive then, generally speaking, you are not responsible.

More investigation will have to be done before anyone can determine if they have a claim regarding this parade accident.

Ben Glass
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