Posted on Jul 01, 2013

The plaintiff, Christopher Denton had been experiencing sudden onsets of chest pain, shortness of breath, sweating and jaw pain, and was misdiagnosed by several doctors, causing him to have a heart attack. The first doctor, cardiologist Paul Micale M.D. of the Cardiovascular Center of Hampton Roads did not notice anything wrong with the patient and suggested he take a stress test. The patient insisted to receive a cardiac catheterization in order to make sure that he did not have a heart disease. The doctor transferred him to his partner, Edward Chu M.D., who diagnosed him with pericarditis and assured that his coronary arteries were free of disease. In the following two months, he had a nurse practitioner treat him for pericarditis. However, he was not seeing any results and ended up suffering a massive heart attack. He was then taken to Riverside Regional Medical Center where he became a patient of Allan Murphy, M.D., who identified a complete blockage of plaintiff’s left anterior descending artery (LAD), he also reviewed the cath performed by Dr. Chu and noted a 70 percent or greater blockage in the plaintiff’s LAD. Due to this mistake, the plaintiff has undergone eight cardiac caths and coronary bypass surgery. The plaintiff has lost over half of his heart function and cannot engage in any strenuous activity, including activities needed for the lawn care business that he had began with his wife prior to this incident.  

The trial began in Feb 11, 2013 and lasted four days. The plaintiff brought in experts testifying that Dr. Chu’s interpretation of the cardiac cath was negligent. They testified that he should have identified the 70-85 percent blockage and placed a single drug-eluding stent instead of misdiagnosing him, thus misleading the plaintiff’s subsequent health care providers. The defense argued that the blockage was only of 10-30 percent and that the diagnosis of pericarditis was reasonable.

The verdict awarded the plaintiff with $25,000,000 plus interest, a total of $4,495,205.49, which is believed to be the largest plaintiff’s medical malpractice verdict in Virginia.


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