Posted on Jun 18, 2012

At around 7 a.m. last Sunday, a Virginia State trooper attempted to stop a vehicle for going at 80 mph in the Fancy Hill area, a 55 mph zone. The 22 year old driver, William Bowen Raetz, allegedly tried to evade arrest but was unsuccessful in his attempt to escape as his 2002 BMW crashed into several parked vehicles along S. Main Street, right in front of the Lexington Fire Department. Rescue personnel saved Raetz from the wreckage and air-lifted him to the Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. The doctors later deemed the driver to be fit for release as Raetz only sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Raetz now potentially faces several serious charges and would have to pay thousands of dollars for the damages that the crash caused on the parked vehicles. His BMW was badly damaged as well. The police are still conducting their investigations and have yet to file any charges against the driver. In a separate incident, Raetz has been arrested several days after the crash, for being drunk in a public place.


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