Posted on Jul 03, 2013

On Tuesday, July 3, Elias Webb walked into the John Marshall Courthouse in Richmond to be sentenced for the death of Lanie Kruszewski.

The case began when thirty-one-year-old Elias Webb was driving late at night on July 29 and struck twenty-four-year-old Kruszewski, resulting in her death.  After the accident, Webb left the scene of the crime but later turned himself in to authorities. At the trial, he stated that he had trouble seeing due to vegetation extending into the road, thus blocking his view, and that he believed he had struck a deer at the time.  The jury was not convinced, and sentenced him to three years of prison. In a hearing lasting about twenty minutes, Judge Margaret P. Spencer followed the sentence recommendation of the jury that convicted Webb at his trial in February, and also suspended his driver’s license for one year.  Craig Cooley, the defense attorney for Webb asked the judge to imposed a lesser sentence than the one that the jury had recommended, emphasizing that it was an accident. However, the plaintiff’s attorney Christine Cestaro argued against reducing the sentence, reminding the defendant that Webb had asked for the jury when given an option before the trial.

Before the judge imposed the sentence, she allowed Mr. Web to speak and he apologized to the family members of Kruszewski.


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