Posted on Mar 01, 2013

According to the Urban Mobility Report by the Texas Transportation Institute, the DC metro area is home to the nation's most congested traffic. The Washington Post reported that leaders of the region are looking to expand investment in infrastructure systems in order to make travel in the area easier.  A recently passed Virginia spending plan will increase funding for transportation systems in the NoVA area.  Some of this funding will support the Silver Metro line, which will take passengers to the Dulles International Airport and Loudon County.  There will also be metro stations in the Reston area.  Although the new line will be convenient for those who work in the Dulles and Reston areas, the line won't necessarily ease congestion.  The only way the roads will be less congested is if passengers decide to take the metro instead of driving their cars.  The goal of the addition of the Silver Metro line is to get more transit users so that the roads are less congested at peak commuting times.

Hopefully the roads will soon be less congested, which will lead to fewer automobile accidents.  If you or someone you know needs more information on handling their car accident case, contact us for free information!

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