Posted on Apr 29, 2013

Our community thrives because of the commitment and dedication of the individuals and families living here.  Fairfax is a diverse area full of wonderful people who will typically lend a helping hand to their neighbors or to those in need.  The Jenkins family is no exception.  

Last week, the Jenkins family was chosen as Fairfax City's "Volunteer Fairfax's 2013 Fairfax County Volunteer Service Award".  The Jenkins family has volunteered at Our Daily Bread in Fairfax for many years.  Our Daily Bread was established as a temporary homeless shelter in 1984, but its focused shifted to providing food to homeless persons in Fairfax County.  Our Daily Bread volunteers delivered sandwiches to homeless families living in motels along route 50 in Fairfax.  

As Our Daily Bread thrived, the organization was able to supply groceries to persons living paycheck to paycheck.  Our Daily Bread hopes to reach not only the homeless, but those persons who have "fallen through the cracks".  Today Our Daily Bread reaches those in need, mostly families struggling to make ends meet, the elderly, and the disabled.  

Diane and Dave Jenkins are long time civil servants.  Diane works for the Fairfax County’s Housing Department, and Dave retired from the Fairfax County Housing Department after many years of service.  Dave is the most frequent volunteer at Our Daily Bread.  He is always calling clients and organizing deliveries.  In the past year alone, the Jenkins family has logged 224 hours of volunteer service for Our Daily Bread; and the Jenkins have almost volunteered 450 hours over the past three years.

We would like to congratulate the Jenkins family on their hard work and dedication to bettering the lives of Fairfax County residents, and we challenge our readers and clients to take advantage of the volunteer opportunities in our community.

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