Posted on Sep 01, 2009

Congratulations to Ben Glass's son, Brian, for taking Allstate to trial and winning big for his client. Now, each case is different but Brian's client was clearly injured by the Allstate driver and had clear medical bills of $4,900. Brian tried to get the case settled but all Allstate could offer was $5,700. In other words, just a little bit more than the medical bills.

Allstate was giving little or no consideration the plaintiff's pain and suffering, inconvenience, hassle with even having to go to doctors and miss work, or what the plaintiff was paying Brian for his representation.

I've recently written about how difficult it is to settle a Virginia personal injury case with Allstate. In my opinion, they drive up the costs of litigation for everyone (and then complain about lawsuits in the newspaper and on TV.)

Well, Brian didn't back down and his client was awarded $15,000 (remember again, we aren't saying your case will do as well.) It was a good day for his client.

P.S. Allstate will probably appeal and spend more time and money, again, increasing costs for all.