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Posted on Dec 13, 2012

The Virginia Board of Dentistry has fined a Chesapeake, VA dentist $20,000 and limited his practice of dentistry in the future.

Derrick Broadway consented to a $20,000 fine after agreeing to findings of fact that he

  1. Created a double set of dental records for at least one patient
  2. Billed an insurance company using a co-dentist's identification numbers
  3. Performed poor dental work

Not only is Broadway subject to a fine, but he is barred from performing endodontics procedures and fixed prosthodontics on patients in the future.

The Virginia Board of Dentistry findings and consent order are here.

According to records, Derrick Broadway has a history of problems like "incomplete extractions of teeth", and "drilling too deep into a tooth" actually causing a root canal.  


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