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You may have been injured which leaves you facing a personal injury case, but more importantly you need your property damage claim handled ASAP! Odds are the insurance adjuster has contacted you, and you're dealing with this "pal" of yours asking for a statement or for you to sign forms. That's a whole different story. We're talking about your Virginia personal injury case regarding what you should handle first: your personal injury claim or property damage claim. Keep reading to see where to begin!

You will be facing a difficult insurance company - that’s just something you have to accept. They’ll be pretending they’re your friend and that they want to help you with your personal injury claim which is time consuming enough! Since you want to focus on your property damage claim first, the personal injury “annoyances” shouldn’t be interfering as they are two separate claims. This is definitely going to make life a bit easier for you in a time of high stress.

When you start to handle the property damage claim, take your time and work with the insurance company. They will likely either repair your car, or total it. This will leave you with a check which requires you to sign a release form, but this form should be solely for the for the property damage and not for the personal injury. Make sure you double check what you’re signing, so that they didn’t sneak in a page for your personal injury!

I strongly suggest you grab a free chapter from my book that I wrote about car accident claims. Your insurance company may not have your best interests at hand in this situation, but every good personal injury attorney should be able to provide you with a guide like this to help you weed out all the lies. For more useful legal information click on this link to access a FREE copy of The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim.

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