What Women Should Know Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Virginia divorce attorney Charles Hofheimer has written a terrific new book, What Every Virginia Woman Should Know about Divorce. While Mr. Hofheimer practices in Virginia Beach, Virginia, I highly recomend that any woman contemplating divorce read this book before spending a dime on attorney fees. (Plus, the book contains steps you might want to take to protect yourself and your children before you get in to see an attorney.)

Mr. Hofheimer sent me a copy recently and I have to tell you that a couple of folks that I have shown it to wish that they had read this book before going through their own divorce. The great thing is that Mr. Hofheimer covers in his book more than what some women learned from their divorce lawyers after years of paying them high legal bills.

Obviously, the book is no substitute for legal advice but its a great first step and even if you aren't in the Virginia Beach area this book will help you find the right Virginia divorce attorney for your case and, importantly, will help you ask the right questions of that attorney!

Here are the topics that are covered.

  • 25 important truths for women confronting divorce
  • 20 Guidelines for “separation under the same roof”
  • 13 critical factors used to determine spousal support
  • 3 types of property classification recognized by VIRGINIA courts
  • 10 factors your judge must consider in a contested custody case
  • the formula to determine your percentage share of his retirement benefits
  • 38 Financial Records you should be aware of
  • 20 steps to prepare for divorce
  • 7 stages of divorce
  • 40 age appropriate books about divorce for children

You can visit Mr. Hofheimer's web site and order your copy of his Virginia Divorce Book here.