Why is this rare?

How we got our clients disability benefits back after twenty six days.Insurers have basically 90 days to review an appeal which is almost always extended, if not exceeded. It’s a standard tool and it is time an insurer needs to create an argument against you if they want to fight.

To win in such a short time is a firm record. In fact, it is all but unheard of.

The fact that we were able to win her case in 26 days makes us believe that her insurer never conducted a full review. In other words, they caved rather quickly.

Winning Fibromyalgia cases is tough. Insurers never want to pay them because they are “pain” and “fatigue” cases. These types of things are not typically medical diagnoses. Insurers don’t want to start a habit of paying these claims.

To have been able to win so quickly makes us proud and very happy for our client. 

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