You’ve probably read over my article on why you need uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage, but now you're wondering how much coverage you should have. There’s a very simple answer that I’m going to share with you, which will protect yourself with a solid insurance policy – so keep reading!

Take as much as you possibly can in underinsured and uninsured motorists (UIM) coverage; it’s just that simple. Your insurance agent may not be pushing you to boost your coverage the way he insisted on you signing the policy in the first place, but don’t let this stop you! Your insurance agent only collects a small piece of the increase to the premium, and barely drives up your own costs! This is a no-brainer, and hopefully you’ll find the few extra dollars a month to be worth in the case of an accident.

You might be wondering why your insurance agent doesn’t push for you to max out this piece of your policy. It’s really quite simple – the insurance company doesn’t benefit in the long run from this added coverage, especially in the commonwealth of Virginia where you can legally drive around without insurance! So while the companies make UIM available as an option, they make more money in the long run by not including it in everyone's insurance!

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