Nearly every week, we receive a number of phone calls where people are asking if their attorney is offering them a reasonable fee agreement. Many of these same calls and numerous others, ask if and how they can fire their attorney. I understand why people are always wondering about these two things, it’s not like all the lawyer advertising out there helps you really pick the best personal injury attorney.

To start, make sure your attorney is charging you a reasonable contingency fee. For the average personal injury case, you could spend as little as 22% and up to 33%. If you run into a contingency fee around 40% or higher, you might need to duck and run – that’s just unreasonable! You can find the best board certified personal injury attorney for a reasonable amount, somewhere in the average range.

If you already have your attorney on board with a signed contingency fee agreement, the next step is really quite simple. Once you have started the process with your claim, you need to make sure of one super important part of your personal injury case. Agreeing on a strategy to win your case should be top priority for you, especially considering that your attorney is representing YOU and your claim. Being on the same page is important, but knowing exactly what the approach to the case on your behalf is should be just as important.

How do you guarantee this? Ask your lawyer to send you a written detailed settlement evaluation before they begin to negotiate the case. Failing to make sure this happens might put you in a squeeze with your case that’s on the line!

Having people contact me every week about this pushed me to write a book that outlines everything you need to know about beginning a relationship with a personal injury attorney. For more useful legal information click on this link to access FREE copy of The Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim. If you have a question for Ben, you can submit it confidentially online at

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