With the increase in traffic in Loudoun County, there is an influx of residents asking questions about car accident cases. “Will my car accident case go to trial?” is one of the most common questions we get at BenGlassLaw. How can you tell if your case will be the one that is heard in front of a jury?

Most car accident cases settle before they go to trial. This happens most often with simple, small accident claims. There are a few cases that the insurance company fights, and these cases have two aspects we see in nearly every trial case.Will your car accident case go to trial?

  1. There is dispute about who is at fault
    Virginia’s contributory negligence policy can make or break a car accident case. If there is some question if you are at fault, the case will very likely go to trial. If the insurance company can prove you are 1% at fault for the accident, you will lose your case.
  2. The damages are very high
    If your medical treatment was extensive and expensive, the insurance company will likely take the case to trial.

If your case is likely to go to trial, you want to research and find a great trial lawyer for Loudoun County Not all lawyers are equal, so please check out my book The Truth About Lawyer Advertising. You can also contact BenGlassLaw at (703)584-7277 to speak to one of our team members!

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