You may have heard about insurance companies that spy on people to see if they are faking injuries. This absolutely happens in both personal injury cases and long term disability!

One insurance company that is notorious for this is the Hartford. Once your lawsuit has been filed, this is when they come in to test out the authenticity of your claim. So how can you avoid having your case destroyed by your insurance company spying with video surveillance? Well, the first thing is you have to be brutally honest with your own insurance company and with your lawyer about what the extent of your activity level. No “white lies” here – this could destroy your case if you’re not being completely honest with your Williamsburg Virginia Personal Injury Attorney.

I’m sure you’ve heard on the news and in the media about people who have exaggerated their cases or flat out lied about their injures, and blew it when the insurance company turned on the record button. If you’re involved in a disability case and you get an activities questionnaire from Prudential or Hartford, that’s a bit of a red flag that they may spying on you.

Be careful! What you write and describe in your activities chart will be scrutinized by your insurance company. If The Hartford wants you to do a field visit and sit down with you in your house or attorney’s office, typically that means they want you on video surveillance!

This means you can’t be doing the things you say you can’t – no exceptions here! If you can’t lift more than 2 pounds at once, you better not be caught carrying a few bags of groceries from your car to the house. This WILL destroy your case if you’re caught, and there’s a good chance the insurance company will be the ones catching you.

As with everything pertaining to your case, you should discuss this with your own attorney, and get his or her advice on how to best handle your situation.

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