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Yes, insurance will pay for chiropractor bills if the injuries are directly related to the accident and if you follow the correct steps.

If the insurance company disputes your claim, then the insurance company will not pay your medical bills until the case is settled or taken to trial. Sometimes your case is not resolved until months, or even years after you received treatment, and those medical bills will not wait.

There Are a Few Options to Help Cover the Bill While You Wait for the Claim to Settle

Medical Lien

You can get medical care immediately under a medical lien when you file a personal injury claim. Many Virginia chiropractors will work on a medical lien, which means that they will wait for the payment until your injury case is settled or until you get paid. When your claim is over, whether settled or by trial, you will have to repay the lien from the settlement. A good attorney will let you know about all of the potential liens on your car accident case so there aren't any unwelcome surprises when you get your check at the end.

Medical Payments Coverage (aka "Medpay")

Medical payments coverage, which is also known as “medpay,” is a small health insurance policy that will promptly pay a portion of your medical bills including co-pays and deductibles if you have been in an accident. You can easily find the medical payments coverage part of your policy by reading the main document you received from your car insurance company with all your coverages listed.

It is possible to have medpay coverage through your car insurance policy but not have health insurance. Coverage is relatively inexpensive, and most attorneys recommend it to their clients. It is important to note that "medpay" does not replace normal health insurance and is only used in the event of an accident.

How to Ensure Reimbursement

Medical Treatment

Following an accident, it is important to seek medical treatment right away if needed. You will want to have all your injuries documented by a medical professional in order to prove that the crash caused the injury. Well-documented treatment will also help in the reimbursement process.

If you wait weeks or even months to receive treatment from the chiropractor, it will be extremely hard for your personal injury attorney to prove the injuries were related to the accident. Also, make sure that all medical treatment is completed before settling with the other party. Any medical bills following the closure of settlement negotiations will not be reimbursed.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

It is important to avoid conversations with the at-fault party’s insurance company immediately after the crash. They will try to get statements from you in order to prove that any injuries were not related to the crash. You are not obligated to speak with the other party’s insurance company and speaking with them can harm your chances of receiving insurance coverage for chiropractor bills.

The insurance company might even offer you money early in the process before you fully recover. This offer should be rejected because if you take it, you will allow the other party to drop their responsibility to pay your medical bills for ongoing and future care.

Depending on your policy, the health insurance company will pay all or a portion of your medical bills. However, your health insurance is entitled to reimbursement for their contribution to your medical bills. Check your health insurance policy very carefully because you may be surprised to find you have to reimburse them for the medical bills once your case settles.

When Should You Call a Personal Injury Attorney?

If your injury is severe and requires extensive work from the chiropractor, then you will want to consult with a personal injury attorney. Many chiropractors work closely with attorneys and can often recommend an experienced attorney for your case.

Personal injury attorneys will handle the “dirty work” while you focus on working with the chiropractor to recover from injuries. They can help you file for a medical lien which will take the stress off your recovery time

Brian Glass
Virginia personal injury lawyer selected to SuperLawyers Rising Stars List and the NTLA's Top 40 Under 40.