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If you have been in a car accident in Virginia, you are likely dealing with your insurance company to receive financial coverage for your injuries and the property damage to your vehicle. What you may have already discovered is that the insurance company may try and deny your claim with them. This probably seems pretty crazy considering how much money you have been paying for that very insurance.

However, the truth is that insurance policies are quite complex, and you may be shocked at the reasons that Virginia car insurance claims get denied.

Here are some of the most common reasons for a car insurance claim denial by your insurance company:

  • Misrepresentation of information when you first purchased your policy - Always be 100% honest with your insurance company when you are purchasing your policy. Even saying you have a college degree when you really don't can be considered an instance of fraud on the part of the insurance company.

    It's not worth it to give information that could potentially lower your premium if it means lying because when it comes time to use your policy, you'll end up having your claim denied.
  • Why would the insurance company deny your car accident claim?You don't properly report the claim at the time it occurred - Some people will wait on reporting a claim because they don't want their insurance premium to go up, only to want to make a claim later when they realize that they developed an injury from the accident. The insurance company will assume that you are just trying to have them pay for an injury that occurred outside of the accident.

    Report your claim right away. Don't risk future claims in exchange for maybe saving a few dollars on your premium every month. Reporting your claim is part of your "duties of the insured" in your insurance policy.
  • Not seeking proper medical treatment - The insurance company is there to help you out only if you actually take reasonable action. If you wait to get medical treatment, you risk your injury getting worse. And if your injury gets worse due to your own negligence, it makes your claim significantly more difficult (it could also severely hurt any lawsuit you want to file).
  • Lying about your injuries - Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Someone will get into an accident and try to get additional medical treatment for a pre-existing injury that is paid for by the insurance company as part of the accident claim.

You can probably see the overall theme here. Don't lie to the insurance company. They are a large corporation with the resources to check up on your claims. If you aren't telling the truth, you put your entire claim (and potentially your financial future in larger cases) in jeopardy. Don't take the risk just to save a few bucks on your policy. It won't be worth it.

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