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Your doctor said you were disabled, yet your SSD benefits were denied. This is due to doctors and the SSA having different definitions of "disability". Your doctor's definition of "disabled" means you are unable to perform your current type of work. The SSA's definition means you cannot perform your current type of work or any other types of work due to a severe medical complication. The latter part of this statement makes all the difference for SSD benefits approval. You may be denied because, even though you cannot do your current work (i.e. construction work), you can still do other types of work such as office work. Your chance of approval depends on physical and mental capabilities, work in the past 15 years, age, and level of education.

A doctor's medical evaluation is taken into consideration, but it is not an indisputable result for approval of disability benefits. The result is decided by an Administrative Law Judge or a Social Security claims examiner, not a doctor. A claims examiner is professionally trained to look at the initial application and the reconsideration level of appeal in each claim.

Most Claims Are Denied During the Initial Application

A majority of claims are denied during the initial application, so do not fret if you fall into this category. The examiner’s decision to deny your claim does not mean you are not eligible for benefits. Their decision only means not enough proof was evident to justify your disability. After an initial denial, an experienced SSD attorney should be hired for your case. A Virginia disability lawyer can find important medical documents critical to proving your disability to the SSA. Call us at (703) 584-7277, or download your free guide for more information.


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