I get this all the time. Normally someone calls me and I give them the truth of what their insurer is doing. They then tell me, “that can’t be, my claim rep said XYZ…”

I always tell callers the same thing. Never trust your insurer. Their sole purpose is to deny claims. They exist only to profit. The most dangerous claim reps are the nice ones. They develop trust and work you over.

Why you shouldn't trust your disability representative.They do not want to help you. Here’s a dirty secret; everything at an insurance company is compartmentalized to prevent claim reps from influencing claims. That nice guy you are speaking with is working to deny your claim behind closed doors. He’s ordering surveillance on you and pitching "Activities of Daily Living" and medical record requests as things to “help you.” They aren’t.

Have you ever read the line “we need more information to approve your claim”? You probably have and it’s a lie.

They work to disprove claims, not approve them.

When that nice guy works you over, the claim changes to a new rep. It’s protocol. Each can harass you until you are at your wit's end; then a new one taps in.

If you think you are helping your claim by getting your claim rep to help or trust you, you are dead wrong.

They will not hesitate to terminate your claim, use everything you say against you, and then transfer it to a new rep and you will probably never speak to them after they do this.