Stafford, Virginia personal injury Law office saves trips into the Northern Virginia traffic

From a recent interview:

Question: why have you opened an office in Stafford, Virginia?

Ben Glass:  I have been practicing personal injury law since 1983. I started in Arlington, Virginia and later moved out to Fairfax city. From that main office we have represented personal injury in car accident victims throughout the state of Virginia. Many of our clients drive from 50 or hundred miles away to visit us and the number one thing they do not like is the fact that they have to drive into Northern Virginia traffic. Several years ago it dawned on me that with technology being as good as it is, we could expand the footprint of BenGlassLaw through the use of satellite offices, email, video technology, iPads and the like.

People throughout the state of Virginia become attracted to us because of the wealth of information we provide at our website. Accident victims can download numerous free books, including books that teach them what to look for in hiring an attorney in the book that may help them settle their own Virginia car accident claim. Upon request, we will mail a free package of information to folks who have been in a car accident in Virginia-this package will include books, free reports, and informational CD and two DVDs. We call it our free accident toolkit. After examining these materials folks can decide whether they would like us to represent them or not.

The satellite offices are staffed several times a month and meetings are held by appointment. This has been hugely beneficial to our clients because not only do they have access to a nationally board-certified attorney and a very experienced personal injury law firm team, but they could do so near ttheir own homes and workplaces. We have offices in 15 cities and towns.

Ben Glass
Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney