When it comes to car accident cases, your personal injury claim generally is handled in the state (and county) in which your car accident happened. That's because the location of your accident is going to set the framework for your rights. Given that, if you were not injured here in Virginia, BenGlassLaw will not be able to represent you on your case.  

If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. This is because the law and local procedure is very different amongst states. Indeed, Maryland law is very different from Virginia law, and we'd simply not be apprised of your rights in that state. What's more, attorneys are licensed by state. We also are exclusively Virginia licensed attorneys.  

At BenGlassLaw, we do have a very broad network of attorneys. So even if we can't help you, still give us a call, and we'll do our best to refer you to an attorney we know.  

Also, be careful if an attorney not practicing in the state in which you were injured seeks to represent you. It can cause unnecessary complications in your case. I've written in more detail about it here.  

Thanks, and we look forward to chatting with you!