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If your lawyer recommends a doctor to you, do not take that referral. Should your case ever go to trial, that relationship will be used against you to invalidate much of what your doctor would say in your defense. If you have been injured in a car accident and your case with your insurance company may go to trial, be aware that you're entering a complicated legal area where small, simple mistakes can ruin your case. Accepting a doctor referral from your lawyer is one of those mistakes.Don't accept lawyer doctor referrals.

If there is any referral connection between your lawyer and your doctor, the insurance company's legal team will claim that your lawyer has an incentive to choose a doctor that will overvalue your injuries and place a higher value on your case. This is a tricky attack that will cast doubt on your doctor's testimony when this all could've been avoided in the first place.

Insurance companies are watching you, and often know more about you and your case than you think they do. Any kind of opening or angle to attack your claim will be pounced on by the insurance company's legal team. Do yourself a favor and give them as little food as possible. Don't discredit your doctor, your lawyer, and your claim by making a naive decision at the onset.

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