We get this question all the time: Is my insurance company on my side? Yes and no. Let’s talk about car accidents.

If you have the type of coverage where your insurance company is going to pay a portion of your medical bills (in Virginia it’s called Medical Payments, or MedPay), you ought to cooperate with your insurance company and send them your bills. Keep in mind that every case is different, and every situation unique, so give us a call if you have any questions.

However, if you’ve been in an accident where the other motorist was not insured (or a hit and run) and you are now filing a claim against your own insurance company, the tables have turned and it is likely that your insurance company is no longer “on your side” when you are communicating with them.Why is my insurance company fighting my claim?

Unfortunately, for many insurance companies, you represent only a small data point on a quarterly meeting pie graph. The person they have assigned to call you has typically been given instructions to try to find ways to get the insurance company out of having to pay the claim. Some companies will even assign different callers to you every few weeks, so then no one insurance rep gets too attached to your situation.

With that in mind, you will want to talk to an experienced, board certified attorney to guide you through your case and defend you from the “tricks” that insurance companies will sometimes try to pull.

We highly encourage you to get our free book on car accident claims in Virginia. It has vital information that you need to make a good legal decision about your situation.

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