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We get a lot of phone calls from people who are having bad experiences with their attorney. Most of the time, firing your attorney is a bad idea. They are doing all the right things for your case, but they are poor at communicating with their clients. Each time we get that phone call, our hearts sink. Lawyers have a bad reputation, and that is why we try to counter that perception by serving the client first.

Recently, we received a call from someone with a long-term disability case who hired a TV law firm. You have probably seen their ads if you live in Northern Virginia. Their ads are so bad that people flood to their Google page to tell them how violent and unhelpful they are.

This person told us that they had a court date they anticipated for months. They showed up in court... but the lawyer they hired did not. The court date was rescheduled, and when they contacted the attorney, he informed them that he was no longer working on their case.

This set off a chain where the person's case was assigned to one attorney after another. This left the client unsure of the status of their case and uncertain of how their case is being handled.

The issue with some of these big-box law firms is they exist to churn through cases. They give little thought to the clients they represent. Many attorneys who work for these law firms come and go quickly. They leave deeply unhappy with the way people are treated. That is not the case with all these firms though. Many are great at helping their clients with their legal issues. We only tend to hear about the bad experiences.Don't Hire the Wrong Attorney

The Process for Finding the Best Attorney for Your Case

If you need to hire an attorney, do your research. Frankly, we are stunned that people still hire law firms with bad reviews. A quick search of any attorney should tell you how they treat clients and how they are to work with.

If you are still unsure, visit and look up the name of the attorney that will be working on your case. Don't search by the name of the law firm, but the actual attorney on your case.

Once you have a list of names of potential attorneys, call a few law firms and make appointments. Speak to the attorney and ask them specific questions about your case. If they cannot answer your questions without "doing a little research," be cautious. They should be able to answer all your questions confidently without reservation.

Also ask about their fee structure, communication policy, and who your point of contact will be. This is important information for all clients, and each law firm should have a set plan that will accommodate you and the attorney both.

After you have interviewed a few attorneys, you should have a clear idea which attorney is best for you. For more information about finding and hiring an attorney for your case, you can download Truth About Lawyer Advertising or What Finding, Hiring and Working with a Virginia Personal Injury Attorney Should Really Look Like from my website. You can also call BenGlassLaw at (703) 584-7277 to speak with one of our trained staff members about your case.

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