I'm specifically addressing the question because there's often a lot of confusion here. To be clear, if you have health insurance, and you've not submitted your Virginia car accident medical bills to them, do it immediately.  In Virginia, your "in-network-providers" are required to accept your health insurance to pay for bills even if it's due to a car accident.

What if My Doctor/Provider Said That They Don't Accept Health Insurance For Car Accident Bills

If your doctor or providers is an "in-network-provider" they are required to accept your health insurance for your car accident bills.  Specifically, Virginia Code Section 8.01-27.5 requires them to accept health insurance regardless of whether your treatment was due to an accident

Why Would My Doctor (or Provider) Lie to me About This? 

Like many things in life, it's all about the money.  Remember, when a health care provider accepts health insurance for a bill, they've agreed with that insurer that they will accept a reduced rate for that bill. So let's say they provided you a $100 treatment.  If they accept your health insurance, it's likely that the insurer will pay them $40 (and maybe you pay a small co-pay.)  But they don't get their full $100. Of course, they'd rather get $100 from you directly rather than $45 through an insurance claim.  

Why Does my Health Insurance Get Involved? It's The Defendant's Fault

Because your personal injury claim will take months (if not years) to pursue. In the meantime, paying for your bills through health insurance will allow you to get the care you need and get your doctors paid so your credit isn't ruined.  By getting your health care, it will also make your injuries provable later on in your personal injury claim. 

One Thing to Remember - Your Health Insurer May Require Reimbursement. 

Depending on your health insurance contract, you may have to reimburse your health insurance if you get money in your car accident claim. But keep in mind, if you do have to reimburse the health insurer, it will only be for the amount they paid out - the reduced rate.  When you pursue your claim through your car accident case, you'll claim for the entire medical bill plus pain, suffering, inconvenience, lost wages, etc.  So there should be sufficient funds to compensate you even if there's a health insurance reimbursement (assuming there's enough car insurance coverage for the claim). 

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