This is a very common and understandable question. And that's because insurance law is confusing and the insurance companies and healthcare providers don't do a great job at teaching us (the consumers) about it. 

If you've been in car accident here in Virginia, it will take time to pursue your personal injury claim (meaning months, if not years). Over that course of time, you'll also need to be treated for your accident injuries. If you have health insurance, make sure to use that health insurance to pay for your treatment. 

Using your health insurance will make the process much easier because you'll be able to have access to the health care you need. Your health insurance will also make sure that your doctors get paid (or at least help in that regard) so your financial life is not completely devastated.

Coincidentally, by having access to health care through your health insurance, you'll also be able to document your injuries. Therefore, making your personal injury case easier to prove. Indeed, without medical support (i.e. doctors), your personal injury claim will be very difficult to pursue.  

For more information about using your health insurance in your car accident claim, check out this article where we've written about the topic in my greater detail.