Who Are the Best Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers in Northern Virginia?

The truth is that all the "Best Virginia Lawyers" lists change every year.

When looking for a lawyer, it is important to look for the best possible lawyer for your particular case, not just the “best lawyer in general.” 

Although they might be a top-rated lawyer, it doesn’t mean they specialize in your specific case. We always tell potential clients and those seeking legal information to look at previous cases represented by your potential attorneys. If you can find cases that look similar to yours, then that attorney might be the right one for you. Websites like avvo.com and bestlawyers.com are extremely reputable and can help begin the search and comparison of the top-rated lawyers for your case.

For example, avvo.com provides a ratings system based on both client testimonials and endorsements from other lawyers. The claimant has the ability to search for top-rated lawyers based on specific practice (Personal Injury) and location (Virginia).

How Do You Know If You Found the Best Lawyer in Northern Virginia?

Just like with any other product or service, it is your responsibility to ask the correct questions and request information while searching for a lawyer.

There are some steps you can follow to help in your vetting process:

  • Make a list of what is being looked for:
    • Area of Expertise
    • Reputation
    • Winning Record
    • Pricing
    • etc.
  • Search for specific attorneys by name rather than by law firm
  • Make phone calls to law firms and ask specific questions
    • ​​​Do not be afraid to interview the lawyer. They are handling your important case, so make sure the best possible lawyer is hired for your case.
  • Tour law firms
    • ​​Visit law firms and check out the environment and atmosphere of the office
  • Ask trustworthy people for referrals
    • Make sure to research those referrals before deciding
  • Analyze the results of the search
    • Use all gathered information to decide on the best lawyer for the case

What Price Percentage is Acceptable?

An important step from the list above is the pricing. You need to thoroughly look through the potential lawyer's pricing system. Lawyers will take a percentage of the settlement, so make sure that the percentage is acceptable for the case.

Most lawyers will charge you what is called a contingency fee for an accident or injury case and he or she will take a percentage piece of the final settlement. This also means that the lawyer will only recover money if your case is successful.  The average personal injury attorney will charge anywhere from 33-40 percent of the settlement or trial result.

Make sure to look over your fee agreement before signing on with the attorney because all their policies, including pricing, will be included in it. Be on the lookout for any language regarding a fee increase because that can come back to hurt you once you settle the case.

Where Can I Find Helpful Information?

If more information is needed to help find the best lawyer for your case in northern Virginia, we have a book that can assist in your search. Press the button below to instantly download The Truth About Lawyer Advertising and start utilizing the information inside to find the best lawyer for your case.

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At BenGlassLaw, we feel that action is more important that words. We notice that many lawyers out there will say how much they care about you and your case, but spend less time working on the actual case. Lawyers at BenGlassLaw are dedicated to each case they receive and are always willing to provide free information to further educate you on your case. 

We want to provide real, useful information to help find the best lawyer for your case.

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Brian Glass
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