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Unfortunately, in most cases, when you file a workers compensation claim, you do not get to pick the doctor that will see you. When you see the doctor that is assigned to your case, there are some very important things for you to do.

Detail Everything

Leave nothing out on your first visit to see this doctor. Explain exactly what happened when you were injured and every physical ailment that concerns your work-related injury. If you don’t mention something in the first meeting, there is a chance it will be taken off of your record and therefore costing you your workers compensation claim.

The doctor does need to know everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Be Honest

Don’t lie about an extra ailment to receive a bigger payout. It will come to the surface and will most likely ruin your claim. Be completely upfront and honest about everything that is related to your workers compensation claim.

However, understand that there is no doctor/patient confidentiality agreement in a workers compensation case. Anything you tell your doctor will get through to your insurance company.

Ask Questions

Ask your doctor for his opinions on work-related restrictions, functional capacity, and anything relating to your ability to return to work. Take all of his answers seriously. If he says you should not work at all for a certain amount of time, make sure that you heed his advice.

Get The Proper Paperwork

Each visit, you must get a disability slip. Don’t forget this, because if you don’t have a disability slip for each visit, it could cost you your entire claim.

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