A broken nose can cause health complications and damage your self-image. The lasting effects of a broken nose vary. Some people may heal quickly and see no change in their appearance, while others may develop a crooked nose. In severe and unusual cases, some people may lose their sense of smell.

Facial injuries like a broken nose can also have physiological effects on the victim. Scarring and an unaligned nose can leave the victim feeling less confident. If the victim’s job depends on their appearance (for example, modeling), then a broken nose can result in lost wages.

Settlement and damage awards vary greatly. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you evaluate your case and determine how much of a settlement you can expect. Below are a few factors that will affect your case.What to expect if you broke your nose in a car accident.

  • Did the injury result in a permanent disability?

  • Does the injury affect your health?

  • Are the damages cosmetic only?

  • Will the injury affect your job or career?

  • Did you seek medical attention immediately after the accident?

Additionally, a broken nose can cause a deviated septum. The septum is the cartilage and bones that divide the nose passages in half. If your broken nose resulted in a deviated septum, the injury could cause breathing problems unless the septum is corrected with surgery.

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