What to look for in an attorney's profile.Lawyers in Virginia can advertise much anything they want as long as they’re not making any false claims. This means a personal injury lawyer can say he or she handles any type of legal case and can get you a settlement in 30 days. While these claims sound attractive, and they may be true, they’re not the basis on which you should choose an attorney. 

The Best Lawyers Profile Doesn’t Embellish 

An attorney worth his or her salt won’t need to glorify expertise with buzzwords and empty credentials. The profile should state the basics, plain and simple, and have examples of accomplishments like case history or testimonials. 

Lawyers who stuff their profiles with a million association memberships and minor awards may be covering up for a lack of real experience. And then there are the lawyers with practice areas that read like injury lists. If your lawyer lists a practice area, he or she better be prepared to take those cases. 

Personal injury law is a very broad specialty; it’s not all car accidents and slip-and-falls. As a Virginia personal injury attorney, I say that my practice areas are primarily ERISA disability insurance claims and personal injury. Even though I do take other types of cases, I primarily advertise my practice for those two areas because that’s the bulk of what I do. 

I don’t need to advertise a list of practice areas hoping that I’ll get that one-million-plus dollar claim. I know I’m one of the best lawyers, and my profile is simple and contains only relevant credentials.

The Best Lawyer’s Profile Shows a Niche 

If a lawyer advertises to be the best lawyer for your car accident claim, he or she better be prepared to handle that type of case. There are general personal injury attorneys, and then there are those who choose to niche their practice. Depending on the type of case, you’ll usually benefit from finding the best lawyers that handle cases like yours. 

Car accident claims are a broad type of practice area. Most personal injury lawyers handle these cases, so it’s time to do a little more exploring of these so-called “best lawyers” profile listings. When looking at lawyer advertising, look for ads that specifically mention car accident cases and not much else. If an attorney advertises too many practice areas, chances are, he or she may not have a lot of experience with cases similar to yours.

If you have a highly unique case, look for the right lawyer for your needs. Take the time to consult several attorneys until you find one that makes you confident in his or her skills and past case history.

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Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney