Five Things You Need to Do Avoid Following a FELA Railroad Accident

When you are injured in a FELA railroad accident, it is a difficult and overwhelming time in your life.  A serious injury is unchartered territory for most people and knowing what steps to take after you’re hurt in a train accident is confusing.  Can you trust your employer?  Should you talk to the railroad claims agent who keeps calling?  Is it a good idea to sign the papers that were sent to you from the insurance company? 

Ben Glass recommends Virginia FELA lawyers, Jim Hurley and John Cooper, to anyone who has been injured in a railroad accident.  Both experienced railroad accident attorneys have extensive experience representing these types of cases.

Below are five things that you should not do following a FELA railroad accident:

1.    Do not sign any medical release forms without first talking with a FELA attorney.  Signing a medical release could hurt your case, as it gives the insurance company, railroad company and their lawyers the ability to access some or all of your medical files.  They may end up influencing your healthcare providers. Privacy is key. 

2.    Do not provide a verbal statement.  If one of your supervisors or someone else from the railroad company wants you to give a statement, direct him or her to your accident report or to your FELA railroad accident lawyer.

3.    Avoid giving definite answers to questions on the accident report relating to defective equipment or whether another person did something wrong.  Just answer, “currently unknown.”  For the most part, you are not going to be equipped with the knowledge to answer some of these questions.

4.    Do not allow officials from your company to go to doctor appointments with you.  On the same note, don’t let them influence the decisions made by your medical providers.  You are protected by doctor-patient confidentiality.

5.    Do not sign anything besides the accident report.  According to the law, the only statement that you have to make involves the accident report.  Anything you sign can be used against you.

For more information regarding what to do following a FELA railroad accident, be sure to order your copy of the book, Your Rights When You Are Injured on the Railroad.  Also, contact Virginia railroad accident attorneys, John Cooper and Jim Hurley at (757) 455.0077.

Ben Glass
Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney