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If you have been in an auto accident and have had, as a result; a pinched nerve, herniated disc, sciatic pain or spinal stenosis, chances are you have been recommended for epidural nerve block injections.

What Are Epidural Nerve Block Injections?

An epidural nerve block is an injection of corticosteroid into the epidural space of the spinal column. The epidural space is the area between the dura mater and the vertebral wall, the epidural space surrounds the nerve roots that are used to send important signals to the brain. Epidural nerve block injections are used to target the nerves in the epidural space of the spine that carry pain signals to the brain. The corticosteroid medication prevents pain signals from traveling up to your brain, thus relieving pain in the patient. Epidural nerve blocks are the most common use of an epidural. This injection is used to decrease pain and inflammation caused by a herniated disc, sciatica or spinal stenosis.

Do You Need an Attorney?

In our experience, we have found that epidural nerve block injections are challenging cases and will most likely require legal representation. This is because of the question of whether your condition was caused solely by the accident or a degenerative condition.

Epidural nerve block injections are difficult because they are used to stop the flow of pain signals to the brain, not solve the problem. This often points to the fact that the condition being treated is often a degenerative condition that has been irritated by the car accident. The fight with the insurance company transpires over the argument of whether the treatment would have been needed anyway, regardless of the accident. Adjusters love to fall back on the degenerative conditions argument for the cause of your injuries and subsequent treatment, even if you have never been seen before by a medical professional about this condition. In our experience, an epidural nerve block injection case will almost always require representation for this reason.

The reason adjusters fight so hard is because if you prove that the injections are related to the car accident, the insurance company is responsible for paying for any lost wages; your past and future medical bills; suffering, pain, and inconvenience. 

Evaluating Your Claim

As prior medical history and treatments can play a significant role in the value of your case, being honest with your auto accident attorney is essential. The reality is, an epidural nerve block injection case with a client that has never been seen by a doctor for related problems will have a higher case value than a client who has been frequently seen by doctors for these problems.

Literature from your treating doctor can be crucial in your case. This is because the injections are used to block the pain sending signals to the brain and allow the patient to be pain-free, but it does not cure the problem. It is crucial that you obtain in writing from your treating doctor:

  1. A medical opinion that your current medical condition is a result of your auto accident
  2. The prognosis is your condition is likely to be permanent
  3. An estimation of future cost that includes: costs of injections, physical therapy, and other medical costs

There is no fixed way to calculate a settlement for auto accident cases. If you’ve been in an automobile accident and received epidural nerve block injections, you might be contemplating the decision to hire a lawyer. In our opinion, you will need a lawyer to settle your epidural nerve block injection case. It can be almost impossible for a person with very little legal experience to obtain the correct narrative report from their treating doctor to get the money that they need from their insurance company as these cases are complicated from both a medical and legal perspective. ‚Äč

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