A shoulder injury can easily occur during a car accident. The medical treatment and physical therapy can be demanding and expensive. Afterwards, many people see the money going out and wonder how they will ever recover the damages. If the accident was not your fault, you might seek a settlement.

We are often asked, “how much is my injury worth?” It is only natural to try to develop expectations, especially when you are pursuing a personal injury claim after a car accident.

There are multiple factors to consider when evaluating an injury as a result of a car accident. These factors are very significant and greatly influence the result of a claim. Below are five elements of a personal injury/car accident claim that an experienced, board-certified attorney will address with you.

  1. How did the accident happen?

  2. Did you immediately seek medical treatment?

  3. Did your injuries prevent you from returning to work?

  4. What does the police report say? NOTE: A police report is not admissible in court.

  5. Was the other driver insured? If not, do you have underinsured motorist coverage?

An experienced attorney will have more questions you will need to address. All these questions are very important and give the attorney a clearer picture of the case.What happens if you injured your rotator cuff in a car accident?

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