This is a great question and one that we believe everyone deserves to know the answer to, whether they are our clients are not. The personal injury case process has more nuances than this list lets on, but it’s a good starting point for knowing what to expect after you get into a car accident and need legal help:

  1. An experienced, board certified personal injury attorney will investigate your claim. You’re going to have to prove that someone else was careless, that you weren’t, and that their carelessness caused your injuries.
  2. You and your lawyer will try to settle your claim with your insurance company on terms that you’re comfortable with. This step only moves forward if you’re satisfied with the offer. If you’re not, make sure you’ve hired a lawyer who’s ready for step 3...
  3. If your case can’t be settled, a lawsuit is filed and your case will go to trial. It takes a lot of preparation to get your case ready to be heard in front of a judge. This is why it’s in most people’s best interest to settle before going to trial. Every case is unique, however, and if the insurance company has decided it’s not going to help you as it promised, you need to have a lawyer in your corner who is experienced at fighting them.What is the process of a car accident case in Virginia?

A good attorney will keep you up to date and advised throughout the entire process. Remember, YOU have the final say in the direction of your case. This is your health, your life, and your case.

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