Since you were able to find your UIM limits, do me an extra favor.  Keep out your "declarations page" and check to see if you purchased medical expense coverage, also known as "MedPay." MedPay is generally a small policy (typically $2,000 to $3,000 in coverage, though I've seen larger amounts occasion) that will help you pay for medical bills in the short term. It's a supplemental policy that you typically don't even need an attorney to obtain payment for it. 

If you have medical bills that weren't covered by insurance, you can submit the bills to MedPay, and they will pay them to the amount of MedPay coverage you purchased. Also, even if all of your bills have been paid, you can still submit them to your MedPay and you should receive a check for the amount "incurred," due to the bills.  The incurred amount is the amount that your health insurance ended up paying the bill. 

Now it may seem weird to you that you're submitting your bills to multiple policies and that you're "double dipping" or even "triple dipping." And indeed you are. But in reality, you've paid for the insurance policies. There's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of them when you're injured in a car accident.