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What if your attorney got a negative review?Customer reviews are usually considered the best indicator of a business's customer service. Attorneys are not an exception. There are dozens of customer review sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, AVVO, and Super Lawyers where you can check the quality of your attorney. A bad review can make a huge difference when you are hiring an attorney. But what if you have already hired an attorney and afterward you see a scathing negative review?

A bad review is not necessarily an indicator of a poor attorney. Many good attorneys get bad customer reviews. What is important is how the attorney responds to the review. Any good entrepreneur should see a bad review as a chance to reach out and make a connection. They should make every opportunity to rectify the situation, or at least explain the incident.

Another thing to consider is the attorney's practice area. A good lawyer will not accept a case they do not specialize in. People whose cases are rejected by a law firm may not understand this and leave a negative review. If your attorney got a bad review about a criminal case and their practice area is personal injury, then the poor review should not affect your decision.

If you are still in doubt, ask your attorney about their bad reviews. Let them explain what happened and how they tried to fix it. If they do not want to answer the question directly, you may have cause to worry.

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