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What if Mutual of Omaha Denies my Disability Claim?Mutual of Omaha will do anything to deny your claim. They will pick apart your disability claim until the circumstances are exactly what they want, then Mutual of Omaha will deny your benefits. You might be newly disabled or you might have been receiving money for years; it does not matter to insurance companies. They will pull any trick in the book to avoid paying you what you deserve.

Have You Received a Letter from Mutual of Omaha Denying Your Disability Claim?

Take a deep breath. This is not the end of the road for your claim. You have options and BenGlassLaw is here to help.

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company (Mutual of Omaha) is a very large insurance company. They handle thousands of claims like yours every day. Disability insurance should help their claimants, but before all else, they are an insurance company looking out for their profits. If you are unable to work because you are disabled, Mutual of Omaha should pay your benefits. Instead, insurance companies like Mutual of Omaha send denial letters instead.

Bottom Line: It is cheaper for Mutual of Omaha to deny your benefits than it is to pay claimants what they deserve. 

What Should You Do if Your Disability Claim Was Denied?

If Mutual of Omaha has denied either your short-term or long-term disability claim, call an experienced disability insurance attorney. This is extra important if your claim is under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). If your employer purchased a disability insurance policy from Mutual of Omaha, then your claim is most likely an ERISA claim.

Under ERISA, Mutual of Omaha must follow certain rules. However, ERISA is very difficult to navigate. Mutual of Omaha will want you to believe that you MUST appeal its decision without an attorney. This is not true. You should consult with an attorney who has experience with ERISA before appealing any short-term or long-term disability denial by Mutual of Omaha.

Usually the appeal process for a Mutual of Omaha’s denial of your ERISA disability claim starts like this:

  • You have 180 days to appeal from the date you received Mutual of Omaha’s denial letter to file your appeal. This is an administrative appeal. This means that someone at Mutual of Omaha will review your appeal and make a decision;
  • Mutual of Omaha will have 45 days to answer your appeal;
  • Mutual of Omaha is allowed one 45-day extension.

What Happens if Mutual of Omaha Denies My Appeal?

If Mutual of Omaha decides that they were correct in denying your benefits, then you have one last option. You can file a lawsuit in federal court.

You will want an attorney for this lawsuit as it can be difficult to overturn Mutual of Omaha’s decision. The attorneys at Ben Glass Law know how to handle long-term disability insurance lawsuits, and we will work to overturn Mutual of Omaha’s decision. Mutual of Omaha will try to show that they were right in denying your benefits, but a federal judge will make the final decision. With our help, you will get the closure you deserve.

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