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If you have been in a car accident in Virginia, you may be thinking of hiring a personal injury lawyer for your case. However, you might be wondering, What exactly does a lawyer do when handling my personal injury case?

That's a fair question, and we hear that question from time to time even when people call our law firm.

One of the first things that a good, experienced personal injury lawyer will do with your claim is simply investigate the case. The lawyer should be gathering and piecing together all of the facts of your case so that he or she can make the best presentation of the case to the insurance company for your claim. There can be a lot of moving parts here, especially when it comes to gathering and analyzing the following data: medical bills, police reports, lost wages claims and any evidence from the scene such as photographs.

What does a personal injury attorney do when they are working on your case?Experience is one of the main things that a law firm has on its side in these cases. At our firm, BenGlassLaw, we have handled so many major accident and injury claims that we can make an educated estimate of the value of the case and present it in the best way possible to the insurance company. We have worked with clients with a wide variety of serious injuries, so we are also familiar with the medical science in many of these cases. Any firm that you hire should have the same kind of experience on their side.

Now, it is possible for non-lawyers to try and settle their own cases if it just involves property damage and/or small injuries, but for major injuries, you want the knowledge of an experienced firm on your side. There are too many things that can go wrong, and the insurance company is always looking for an opportunity to reduce your claim or dismiss it altogether.

Addtionally, your case may end up going to trial. This is where it gets even trickier between needing to gather depositions of witnesses and experts while building a strategy to present to the judge and/or jury.

For many people, it comes down to the fact that a law firm is built to handle these cases which are often time-consuming and quite complex. You don't want to potentially risk your financial future by going it alone with a major accident or injury case.

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